ProofMode at DWebCamp 2023: Camp Navarro Baseline Challenge

20 June 2023

This year at DWebCamp 2023, we are excited to bring our ProofCorps Baseline effort into the stream of fun and interesting activities. Through the Camp Navarro Baseline Challenge, we will be exploring the ideas of decentralized provenance and authentication in visual documentation. Participants will use the ProofMode app to take pictures and videos documentation the natural and human-inspired beauty of the camp and surrounding nature. Once the “proof” is captured, it can be shared locally to an off-grid ButterBox microserver. Most importantly, there will be prizes.

Keep an eye out for the cards, signs, and stickers shown below, and find the ProofMode team (Carrie, Jack, John and Tiff!) at camp.

a display of the proofmode challenge stickers, cards, and more

Pause to document the ever-changing natural majesty of Camp Navarro. Capture verifiable proof of all things big and small. The feeling of majesty and fascination of the intricate details of nature and the history of human creativity.

Submit your 10 best shots taken this week in the redwoods.

All photos must be verifiable. Use the ProofMode app to take your pictures.

  • Two awards will be given.
    • Most beautiful verified photo
    • Most unlikely to be found in a Google search
  • All photos must be verified

How to submit your photos

Upload them to IPFS through a Butter Box. Once you’ve captured your shots with ProofMode, upload them to one of the Butter Boxes located around the camp with a Story Challenge poster next to it. Alternatively, you can send a proof zip to Guardian Project’s Signal number.

Get Started

  1. Install ProofMode on your phone to take pictures.
  2. How to Submit Your Photos to IPFS Fully Decentralized
  3. Use Proofmode to save the proof zip locally on your devices
  4. Find a Butter Box at DWebCamp
  5. Connect to the hotspot and portal
  6. Look for instructions for uploading to IFPS
  7. Upload the proof zip, and save the IPFS content ID that is provided to you in reply
  8. Share this with a local Proofmode team member, or send it to +1 718 569 7272 via Signal or [email protected]

Connection CardsTypes of challenges:

  • An invitation to connect with the beauty and majesty of the Redwoods, nature, and Camp Navarro. Share your perspective.
  • History-maker. If Camp Navarro were gone tomorrow, capture what piece of it you’d like to always remember.
  • Play Favorites. Share a photo of your favorite place (or view or part of nature) at Camp Navarro
  • Find the light. Choose a photo that captures your favorite light at Camp Navarro.
  • Time stands still. Capture your favorite time of day at Camp Navarro
  • Be kind. Capture a photo of kindness at Camp Navarro
  • Back to Nature. Capture a photo of what you envision the natural state of nature to be.
  • All about the details. Capture of photo showing the intricate details of nature (capture a photo showcasing the details) of Camp Navarro.
  • Finding your groove. Capture a photo of ‘a groove’ at Camp Navarro.
  • In a tight spot. Capture a photo of an incredibly tiny spot/place/hiding place at Camp Navarro.
  • California Dreaming. Capture a photo of what this means to you at Camp Navarro.
  • Connect the dots. Capture a photo of how you see the dots connecting at Camp Navarro.
  • Hide & Seek. Capture a photo of your favorite secret spot at Camp Navarro.
  • Big & Small. Capture a photo where something ‘big’ is beside something ‘small’.
  • Nature is Weird. Capture a photo of a moment where nature is being weird.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Capture a photo of what you find beautiful.
  • The stuff dreams are made of. Capture a photo that expresses your dreamworld.
  • DWeb 2023. Capture a photo of ‘a web’ at Camp Navarro.